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Keys for the Kingdom
Level A Method Book


A Progressive Piano Method for the Christian Studentby Joseph Martin, David Angerman, and Mark HayesKeys for the Kingdom is a fully graded piano...

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A Progressive Piano Method for the Christian Student

by Joseph Martin, David Angerman, and Mark Hayes

Keys for the Kingdom is a fully graded piano series designed especially for the Christian student. Through a stylistically diverse set of musical experiences, students will learn the foundations of good musicianship. Each lesson is carefully written to provide gradual progress. The graphic illustrations are designed to be fun and inspiring, as well as to reinforce the lesson. While learning the basic concepts of piano playing, the student is introduced to many styles of sacred music: the wealth of great hymnody, songs, and psalms of the church; as well as the great classics in piano literature that every student needs to excel in musical study. Also included in the series are Bible verses affirming spiritual values intended to motivate the student toward excellence at the keyboard.

This multi-key, stylistically diverse series of books introduces basic concepts of rhythm, intervals, scales, chords, music theory, artistry, and improvisation. Companion products include hymnbooks, contemporary Christian songbooks, theory/technique/improvisation books, performance books, seasonal books and duet books. These, along with planned future companion materials, will help support the student’s learning quest.

Each method book establishes a deliberate, but steady pace for the developing student. Principles of reading music, theory, technique, interpretation, and musicianship are explored. Calling on the combined teaching experience of over 40 years, the authors have fashioned new ways of teaching proven concepts. Great emphasis is placed on the beauty if the music, the lyrics, and the art, which accompanies individual songs. Each lesson also includes appropriate scripture references to help students discover the joy of worshipping and serving God through their own music.

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Credits:by David Angerman
Format:Level A Method Book
Prior Publisher Id:H5001
Medium Description:Softcover
Index Name:Keys for the Kingdom Level A Piano Method Book
First Publish Date:199512
Publisher:Shawnee Press
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